Viking Smart Sensor with Display

Display sensor for use with the Smart Temp SMT-920 Viking HVAC controller.

The RS-SSD sensor is used exclusively with the SMT-920 "Viking" and is used where indoor humidity needs be measured (for enthalphy based economy cycle) or when you wish the user to have limited set point adjustment or other advanced functions provided by this sensor.

RS-1 Remote Sensors

  • 10K NTC Type II 
  • Wall Sensor
  • Wired and Wireless versions available
  • RS-2 for Averaging
For use with Smart Temp Models
SMT-700 - "Elegance"
SMT-770 - "Chameleon"
SMT-920 - "Viking"
44-800 - "Apollo"

RS-A Remote Adjustable Sensor

  • Simple 2 Wire Sensor
  • Permits Temperature Adjustment +/- 2degC
  • After Hours Run Switch (Optional)
  • 10K NTC Type II
      Suitable for use with
              SMT-920 "Viking"
              44-800 "Apollo"
              and many other Smart Temp Products

Metal Damper

  • Metal Insulated Damper
  • Sizes from 200mm to 450mm
  • 5NM Belimo Actuator
  • 5 Year Warranty 


We stock a complete range of Belimo Actuators

SZ-PS 24volt Plug Pack


  • 240 Volt Input
  • Output 24V AC
  • 2 Amp Maximum

TC-07 Time Clock

Control Cable

We stock a complete range of control cable

  • Figure 8 
  • 4 Core 
  • 6 Core
  • 8 Core
  • 4 Core Shielded

STP-05 Condensate Pump


  • Pump Head 5.2M
  • Over Flow Switch
  • Max. Flow 2 Litre/Minute
  • 240V 50Hz
  • Outlet Tube 4mm
  • Dimension 220 x 110 x 130

PIR Motion Sensor

DFT-880 Defrost Module

  • 240 Volt Powered
  • LED Status Indication
  • Adjustable Control Parameters
  • Force Defrost Function
  • DIN Mounted
Replaces MJB Controls EDF-02 & Avion DFT-100

OC-3D Occupancy Module


  • Perfect for Hotel & Class Rooms
  • Door Position Detection
  • Input from up to 3 PIR's
  • Separate output for Lighting & HVAC control
  • Adjustable Mode (Hotel or School mode)
  • Adjustable Dwell Time
  • LED Status Indication