Easy Zone Touch

RRP: $390.00

6 Zone Touch Zoning System

  • 2 – 6 Zones
  • 24 Volts Zone Dampers
  • Zone Temperature Sensing
  • Programmable Spill Zone
  • Mulitiple Touch Panels
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2 to 6 zone control.
Set individual temperatures in each zone.
Programmable spill zone.
Installed library of zone names.
Custom zone names are possible.
3 modes of operation.
Touch sensitive graphic display.
Compatible with all HVAC systems.
Comprehensive installer menu.
A/C discharge temperature monitoring.
Full system safeties.
Integrated Modbus communications.
Full local product support.
Integrated temperature sensor on wall controller.
Designed and built by Smart Temp Australia.
simply open and close zones.
with temperature control.
with active temperature control.
passive and active
Comprehensive 3 year warranty.