Inspire Touch – 5″Color Zoning Thermostat

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SMT-775 “Inspire Touch” Colour Thermostat with  built in Zone Control and Wi-Fi App Control

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The Inspire Touch features a full colour 5” touch screen with a modern interface and attractive icons. Tapping icons open pages that permit the adjustment of comfort levels, system modes and holiday scheduling that are all laid out in an attractive and intuitive format. The Falcon is that easy to use that the user should never need read the manual or call tech support for help using their thermostat.

The capabilities of the Inspire Touch do not stop with a fancy user interface. The Inspire Touch can easily control up to 9 temperature-controlled zones by the simple addition of the optional zone temperature sensors.

Adding extra wall controllers (up to a maximum of 4) further adds to the Inspire’s capability. A change made on any one of the wall controllers will automatically synchronize, updating information to the other wall controllers. Each wall controller can turn zones or the HVAC system on or off or adjust individual zone temperatures. With the Inspire Touch when using multiple wall controllers, you can adjust the upstairs comfort level from the downstairs wall controller or turn the kid’s bedroom zone on or off from the wall controller located in the master bedroom.

The Inspire Touch, not only an attractive thermostat, it is easy to use and a powerful climate control system.


  • 5” Colour “Capacitive” Touch Screen
  • Up To 4 Wall Controllers Per System
  • Up To 9 Temperature Controlled Zones
  • Full Scheduling for Each Zone
  • iPhone, Android and Web Page Control
  • Rh Monitoring and Control
  • Single or Three Fan Speed Control
  • Heat Pump or Heat Cool Control Logic
  • 0-10V for Valve Control
  • Photo Frame Function
  • Customisable Display
  • Light Sensor for Automatic Backlight Control
  • Extensive Installer Options Menu
  • Installer “Theft Lock” Function
  • Full Local Product Support
  • Designed and Built by Smart Temp Australia
  • Comprehensive 3 Year Warranty RTB


BrochureInstaller – User Manual

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