SMT-150 Digital HVAC Controller

RRP: $248.00

A Fully featured digital HVAC controller with time and money saving features built in at no extra cost.
Designed and built to impeccable standards yet offered at a price sure to impress.
Digitally easy, and digitally accurate. Smart Temp yet again raises the bar.HEVACHTC

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  • Up to 3 Stage Compressor Control
  • Digitally Accurate, Digitally Precise
  • Movement Detector (PIR) Input
  • Integrated 0-10V Economy Function
  • Integrated After Hours Timer
  • Full Keyboard Lock
  • Smart 2 Wire Sensors with Multiple Functions
    – Averaging
    – After Hours Run Function
    – On/Off Function
    – High/Low Select
  • Digital Input with Library of Functions
  • Setpoint and Span Settings Adjusted in 0.1C
  • 0-10V Heating and Cooling Valve Control
  • 24V or 240V AC Powered
  • Volt Free Relay Outputs – 240V 10A Max (Fan)
  • Designed and Built by Smart Temp Australia
  • 3 Year Piece of Mind Warranty RTB