SMT-700 elegance

RRP: $506.00

  • 7 day 4 or 2 event programming or non programmable mode
    (with night set back)
  • Auto Season Changeover between Heat & Cool
  • Built in Active 2 Zone Control (With zone temperature display)
  • Single & 3 Speed Fan Control with Auto Fan Speed (Set by system installer)
  • Multistage equipment control
  • Relays all voltage free input – rated at 240V 10Amps. Mixed voltage permitted
  • Built in fan coil Smart Control (Warm start & Residual Heat / Cool run on)
  • Powered from 24VAC or 240Vac Line Voltage
  • Equipment Fault / Occupancy inputs (2) with status display on the LCD
  • Built in economy function using outside air for free heating & cooling
  • Pump Flow Verification Interlock
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