Now Supplying Version 4 of the very popular SMT-920 “Viking” HVAC Thermostat Controller and latest Smart Sensors

Smart Temp are now supplying Version 4 of the very popular SMT-920 “Viking” HVAC Thermostat controller to all new orders.
All of the “Viking” capabilities such as support for 4 compressor systems (with Lead Lag). Enthalpy based Economy Cycle, 365 day timeclock with after hours run and support for Digital systems still remain however we have added significant enhancements to the latest version, such as:-
  • Modbus (Hi-Level) support for temperzone (R) systems.
  • On and off staging control of all 4 compressors to 0.1c.
  • Lifetime (lithium) backup battery for clock retention.
  • A number of added I/O options.
  • Improved control for Economy
  • Multiple enhanced I/O functions.

Smart Temp are also now shipping the new RS-SS outside air sensor with better weather protections and the all new RS-SSD indoor touch screen sensor. Both of these sensors retain all of the current functions but adds significant enhancements, such as:-

  • Independent Heat & Cool setpoint mode available.
  • Calibration for temp & RH.
  • Improved User Interface.
  • Adjustable sensor response speed.
  • Fan Speed control when connected hi level to temperzone (r).
  • Ability to adjust many “Viking” installer menu options at the sensor (PIN Protected).
When you order SMT-920 “Viking” or sensors now you are supplied the new version but best of all – all these powerful upgrades and the price remains unchanged.
The SMT-920 “Viking” just keeps getting better and better.
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