SMT-2W5 Smart Two Wire Module

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The Smart Wire Module is a innovative and low cost solution for any application where you need to control up to five (voltage free) digital outputs and only have a single pair of wires between the two locations.

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The SMT-2W5 from smart temp has been designed to provide a solution to when you don’t have enough wires on a project for a given task when running new wires is simply too time or cost prohibitive. Using a single pair of wires, the SMT-2W5 will provide you the same functions as R,C, G, Y1, Y2, W1 W2.

Every tradie should have one of these as Van Stock.

  • Uses 2 standard 7/0.20mm wires
  • Powered by 24VAC
  • Provides 24VAC at up to 0.5Amp to power a thermostat
  • Provides 5 relays (single relay common  Volt free)
  • Typical output use is R, C, G, Y1, Y2, W1, W2 with just 2 wires
  • Receiver module is DIN mounted
  • Sender module made extremely small to fit inside wall behind thermostat
  • Extremely low cost solution to a broken or missing 24V wires
  • Designed and built by Smart Temp Australia


Installer Manual

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