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Simplicity and Ease of Use

We make sure the end-user is happy. Smart Temp products have been designed to be, above all else, simple and logical for the user. This reduces problems (and callbacks) associated with user confusion from more confusing and less intuitive controls.

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You save plenty of time. Not only have Smart Temp considered the user whilst designing its products, considerable effort has also been applied to ensure the person who must install the system is equally pleased. Simple wiring and logical programming and setup ensure the controller can be installed quickly, and with the minimum of fuss. You get in, install the thermostat and get out in the shortest possible time – with no call-backs.

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How often have you tried to get support from your current controls supplier? Try us; your questions are answered promptly. Often followed up with customised installation drawings if requested.

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As product specifications increase, Smart Temp ensures the products we supply are 100% backwards compatible. So, should you need to replace a product, or increase the size of the project we will provide you with the consistency required to complete the project as a whole.

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Continuous Improvement

A big part of Smart Temp’s success to date is that we don’t rest on our laurels. Even though a product is proving a success we continually look at ways of enhancing its features or performance. All feedback received is considered and if considered practical, is incorporated into the design of the next production run.

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