SMT-920 Viking HVAC Thermostat Controller

RRP $484.00

Viking Commercial HVAC Thermostat Controller – 24V/240V Multistage
with 365 Day Programming and Economy Function

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The SMT-920 Viking commercial HVAC thermostat controller. Built using the very powerful and reliable Chameleon engine, the Viking is the culmination of many years of experience in designing and building advanced control solutions for the commercial HVAC industry. Consider the Viking for your next commercial project and see for yourself the exceptional value offered in this product.


  • 365 Day, 7 Day or Manual Programming
  • 30 Holiday Events
  • 1 to 4 Stage Compressor Control
  • Compressor Lead Lag Function
  • 2 Analogue Outputs with Library of Functions
  • 1 Digital Output with Library of Functions
  • 5 Dedicated HVAC Equipment Control Relays(Fan)
  • Comprehensive No Manual Needed – Simple Menu Logic
  • Integrated Economy Function (Enthalpy Based)*
  • 2 Wire Sensors with Multiple Functions
  • Optional 4 Wire Sensor with LCD Available
  • 2 Digital Inputs with Library of Functions
  • 24VAC or 240VAC Powered
  • Volt Free Relay Outputs – 240VAC 10A Max
  • Modbus Communications
  • Replaces HEVACĀ  Digital Controller
  • 3 Year Warranty RTBReplaceseaplRulator HEVAC



BrochureInstaller/User Manual
Modbus Addendum

Viking SMT-920


SMT-920 Viking Modbus Addendum ver 1.1

Size: 544.27 KB
Hits: 302
Date added: 14-04-2022

SMT-920 Viking with RS-SS and Co2 sensor Economy

Size: 496.48 KB
Hits: 266
Date added: 08-06-2021

Viking Economy wired to Armcor Rev 2

Size: 548.75 KB
Hits: 225
Date added: 23-12-2020

Viking 24V control with RS-SS and Economy Dampers

Size: 499.92 KB
Hits: 253
Date added: 17-12-2020

Dunnair PHE66 with Viking Controller

Size: 117.31 KB
Hits: 230
Date added: 16-12-2020


Size: 112.39 KB
Hits: 180
Date added: 16-12-2020

Temperzone_OPA235RKTH with_Viking_Controller

Size: 529.84 KB
Hits: 235
Date added: 16-12-2020

Temperzone_OPA465 Viking Controller

Size: 463.97 KB
Hits: 138
Date added: 16-12-2020

Viking with Heat and Cool Valves - Coolro

Size: 529.32 KB
Hits: 254
Date added: 16-12-2020
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