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Wednesday, October 30, 2019
Smart Temp SMT-2W5

Smart Temp have released the SMT-2W5, an innovative and low cost device that will permit you to power a 24V thermostat and read up to 5 relays status with just 2 wires. Place the sender module in a thermostat, connect the sender to two good wires…

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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Smart Temp is pleased to announce the release of our new DIN Digital HVAC Controller, the SMT-150.   This controller has been designed and built by Smart Temp to be a extremely simple to install and setup but also offer energy efficiency…

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Smart Temp Australia are a manufacturer of quality Heating and Air Conditioning controls.

Smart Temp Australia take pride in being a customer focused problem solving company, with years of industry experience we are able to offer unsurpassed support and assistance to our customers. We look forward to taking care of your control needs and thank you for your interest in our products.

Featured Products

SMT-80 Digital Thermostat

The SMT-80 and SMT-80RF and two brand new thermostats designed, engineered and built by Smart Temp Australia P/L. These powerhouse thermostats have been designed to be amazingly simple to operate, provide a great user experience with large bright back-lit display and simple buttons.

The SMT-80 has been built to the highest standard yet offered at truly affordable pricing.      Read more...

SMT-2W5 2 to 5 wire module

The SMT-2W5 from smart temp has been designed to provide a solution to when you don't have enough wires on a project for a given task when running new wires is simply too time or cost prohibitive.  Using a single pair of wires, the SMT-2W5 will provide you the same functions as R,C, G, Y1, Y2, W1 W2.  

  Every tradie should have one of these as Van Stock


SMT-400 "Enterprise" Wi-Fi" Thermostat

  • Wi-Fi controlled with Free Apple and Android App
  • Single, 3 speed and DC fan control.
  • Auto or Manual changeover
  • Keyboard locks and temperature controlled limits
  • Modbus RTU communications
  • Relay and 0-10V outputs
  • Remote temperature sensor and other inputs
  • 7 day programmable via the Smart Temp Comfort App (365 day programming via the web portal)
  • Inbuilt occupancy detection logic (Requires optional PIR sensor or switches)
  • Inbuilt logic for free "Economy Cooling" (0-10V economy outputs)
  • Inbuilt de-ice control (requires optional sensor)

SMT-150 Digital HVAC Controller

A Fully featured digital HVAC controller with time and money saving features built in at no extra cost.

Designed and built to impeccable standards yet offered at a price sure to impress.

Digitally easy, and digitally accurate. Smart Temp yet again raises the bar.