A Smart Temp wire module.

SMT-2W5 Thermostat Interface Module

Smart Temp have released the SMT-2W5, an innovative and low cost device that will permit you to power a 24V thermostat and read up to 5 relays status with just 2 wires.

Place the sender module in a thermostat, connect the sender to two good wires and have the relay module mimic the thermostat relays up to 50m away.  Perfect if you want to upgrade a old battery thermostat to a Wi-Fi thermostat and find you don’t have enough wires.

Discovered that some rodent has chewed some wires and now the cooling has gone offline and it’s a big job to find and fix the broken wire or simply impossible to run new cables. As long as 2 wires are ok you are out of trouble with the SMT-2W5.

Smart Temp make innovative products to make your job easier!

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