SMT-IAQ Sensor

SMT-IAQ3 CO2, Temp & RH IAQ Sensor

Smart Temp are pleased to announce the release of the new SMT-IAQ3 indoor air quality sensor. Designed and built by Smart Temp Australia P/L, this sensor has been designed for Australian conditions and Australian legislative requirements. The SMT-IAQ3 features 3 programmable 0-10V outputs for Temperature, Humidity and Carbon Dioxide as well as a volt free relay that can be used to switch a fan or other device.

The large backlit LCD not only indicates the current indoor air quality levels for each of the three sensor, the backlight can also be programmed to change from green, to amber to red as indoor conditions worsen should it be desired. To provide an audible warning of poor indoor air quality an internal beeper can be programmed to sound at the alarm threshold.

All outputs of the SMT-IAQ3 can be fully adjusted to match your preferred measurement range and required output voltages. This permits you to connect a fresh air damper, a fan or VSD directly to the SMT-IAQ3 without the need to set up external scaling.

For a full function system you can pair the SMT-IAQ3 to Smart Temp HVAC control systems such as the SMT-920 Viking to provide full enthalpy based economy cycle, control for up to 4 compressor systems and air quality override to introduce fresh air if required.

Download SMT-IAQ3 Brochure


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